Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Newest release from Matchbox Stinky

The newest release from toy heavyweights Mattel & Matchbox is the incredible Stinky the Garbage Truck, this truck is the latest in the selection of Big Rig Buddies that were first introduced last year.

Matchbox is owned by Mattel and is 1 of the worlds most noted makers of Toy die cast cars.

Most people will recall last years sensation from Matchbox & Mattel in the same Big Rig buddies range the robot dump truck Rocky, a hard working yellow dump truck that was 1 of the biggest selling toys last Xmas. The range of trucks are fully moveable battery powered trucks that roll along, stand up and dance, but one of the most amusing of the trucks features is the special personality programmed into to bothStinky the garbage truck and Rocky.  Both Stinky and Rocky come progammed with 100 various programmed sayings that can be prompted with various interactions, for example if you tickle Stinkys underside he laughs, if you pull the lever to dump his waste he then passes gas, stands up and yells  oooohhhh yeah, even in the shops the try me button puts across his personality with the catchphrase "hey, this store is lonely", other catchphrases include: feeeed me, buuuuuurp, excuse me, hey tickly my belly button and he even sings a catchy song called dumping.  

I cant tell you enough the interactivity and the comic, absorbing and natural personalities of Rocky the robot and Stinky, if they get bored they start snoring, after stinky has consumed some scraps he he gets very gassy, he even cries for a high 5.

Stinky the garbage truck sells for around  £65 -  £80 and is being stocked in more and more locations every day.  This is set to expand as requirement on the Stinky toy reaches its peak in the lead up to Christmas, so do not holdup get your hands on Stinky the garbage truck straightaway before it is too late.

Stinky is the number 1 toy for this year and boys of all ages will love this unique entertaining gift.  Many children fell in love with Rocky last year and predictions show that the same thing is set to happen all over again this year with Stinky the Garbage truck.

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